Fetch It Again!

Fetch It Again! 1.0

A fun training game for kids in which you can train your puppy in many ways (See all)
ValuSoft, Inc.

Bring Home Your Bundle of Love! Enjoy the fun and excitement of having your own 4-legged best friend! Give them tons of love as you train them to be your best friend for life!
- Choose your best from 8 of the most popular breeds: Husky, Retriever, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Siamese, Tabby, Maine Coon and British Blue.
- Give your puppy a bath, pet your kitty or take your animal friends for a walk as you monitor their health, cleanliness, and mood.
- Feed, groom, cuddle, and play with your frisky little furball in the house or outside.
- Sit! Stay! Shake! As you teach your puppy commands, he will start competing in obedience and agility competitions and shows.
- Play exciting mini-games such as Frisbee, hunt for the hidden toy and fetch.
- Teach your dog new tricks – ask, speak, fetch, jump, roll over and many more!
- Scrub-a-dub-dub! Wash, rinse and brush your pet to keep his coat shining and in tip-top health.
- Enjoy tons of fun outdoor activities such as Tug-o-war, jumping, fetch, dress up, farm walk, lake walk and many more!

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